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The Illini Youth Football League (IYFL) provides organized youth football for teams in Northeastern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin. The league and it's member teams provide youth football for boys and girls ages 7-14 in four different weight classes:

2014 Weight/Age classifications

Bantam--7-8 year olds up to 100 lbs max weight, 85 lbs max ball carrier weight.


Lightweights - 8,9 and 10 year olds up to 125 lbs max weight, 105 lbs max ball carrier weight.

Middleweights - 10, 11, or 12 year olds. 10 and 11 year olds may be 145 lbs max weight with a 125 lb max ball carrier weight. Players 136-145 lbs can play guard to guard on offense only. 12 year olds may be 120 lbs max weight and 110 lbs max ball carrier weight.


Heavyweights - 12, 13 or 14 year olds (no high school students) up to 210 lbs max weight, 145 lbs max ball carrier weight. Players 171-210 lbs can play guard to guard on offense only.






Sunday Kevin Gurican  
Saturday TBD  


Sunday Eric Andressen  
Saturday TBD  
Saturday TBD  


Sunday Shay Brill  
Saturday TBD  
Saturday TBD  


Team 1 Dave Hinners  








Football Camps


Offensive/Defensive Line Clinic

Red Zone Blocking


If we get enough interest, we may have a Hampshire Clinic.





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Bears Camp

Here is the discount code I recommended for the Hampshire Wildcats . The purpose of the discount is to defray the cost of driving to the camp by providing a 20% discount off the retail price. Attached is a PDF for camp locations and dates or our URL: www.BearsCamps.com . Please note that the Wildcat families must use this code before June 1st, 2012 to receive the discount. Feel free to call if you have any questions. Also, all Chicago Bears Youth Football Camps are official NFL Punt/Pass and Kick competition sites. Please see the following link to learn more: http://www.prosportsexperience.com/bears/punt-pass-and-kick/

Discount Code: LongDrive20Bears

Expiration Date: June 1, 2012





1Hr Of Football training with Quickness and Agility

These football camps are for those kids who are going to play for the first time or who need more work. They will learn all the basic football fundamentals; run blocking, tackling and running the football. This camp will give your kids a good foundation in football.












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